• Kiosk Locations

    This program is the easiest way for you to make money. Find a business location to place our Digital Kiosks and get paid $50/month per location you find!

  • Advertisements

    If you find someone to advertise with us, you make $15 per ad PER MONTH the ad is played. The potential is limitless as each kiosk play 10 ads each and we have 1000's of Kiosks around the world.

  • SpokesModels

    Become one of our Spokesmodels, attend events and get paid $100/hr. Network with attendees and get people to follow our Socials! BONUS to each spokesmodel that gets the most followers in one night. Spokesmodels have the opportunity to make the most! Learn more about this program.. APPLY NOW

  • What is a SIGNFASTIC Ambassador?

    A SIGNFASTIC Ambassador is someone who understands the SIGNFASTIC business model and programs. Our ambassador shares the programs with their followers, friends and family.

  • Who can become a SIGNFASTIC Ambassador?

    ANYONE that's a go-getter with grit can become a SIGNFASTIC Ambassador. If you have desire to make money, YOU can become a SIGNFASTIC Ambassador.

  • What does a SIGNFASTIC Ambassador do?

    A SIGNFASTIC Ambassador proudly spreads brand awareness, bringing attention to SIGNFASTIC. The overall goal for a SIGNFASTIC Ambassador is exposure.

  • How do I become a SIGNFASTIC Ambassador?

    Just Apply Now using the buttons on this page. A SIGNFASTIC Executive will reach out to you after reviewing your application. You will then interview and go through training.

  • Become a SIGNFASTIC Ambassor

  • If we said you could make from $50/month to $500K+/month, what would you say? If you're a go getter, have drive and grit, then this is the right program for you! Come join a community of creative and hard working individuals who are living luxuriously by making a large amount of passive income each month!